The future is a very long time.
And you need to learn to move with it.

In your agile future, learning is key

By agility we mean that combination of suppleness and drive that helps you and your organisation to move easily with changing times and attitudes. To give you that extra edge to think and act on your feet when everything around you is in a state of flux.

In your agile future, learning is key. Engaging, relevant and up-to-date learning, provided to the right people at the right time using the right combination of methods.

Learning that supports your business and builds your brand.

At Minerva Group, we have the know-how and experience needed to be your strategic learning partner. And just like you, we’re in it for the long haul.

After all, the future is a very long time. And you need to be agile to move with it.


Learning builds your brand

There are several good reasons to train your distributors, retailers and end-users.

It will help you to be perceived as the thought leader in your field, inspiring loyalty and strengthening your market position.

On a practical level, it will ease pressure on your support services and in a wider perspective, providing relevant, well-informed learning in an easily accessible format will make your brand stronger.

At Minerva, we are very much aware of the branding potential of your learning activities. We will ensure that what we deliver will help build your brand.



Join the learning experience

Right now, we live in the golden age of employee training and development. Modern technology and methods makes it easier than ever to stay current and agile.

In fact, your future success depends on it, so what are you waiting for?


What we offer

Strategic Services

What’s the big picture? As providers of learning, we need to continually ask ourselves just that. This is why we offer strategic services as well as learning programs.

Online training
We live in a multi-screen world and digital technology and mobile platforms are changing our behaviour. Explore our up-to-date online training offer.
Variety is the spice of learning. In fact, it’s more than just the spice: it’s essential. Variation is key to an engaging and effective learning experience. The social interaction of the classroom situation enhances the learning experience.
Our classroom is an action arena, a place where the unexpected happens on a regular basis. Today, we offer classroom training in a number of different areas, like service, sales training, leadership and human security, and we’re DISC and SDI certified.
LMS and authoring tools
Learning Management Systems (LMS) deploys your learning strategies. Together with your authoring tools it is possible to take your digital transformation to the next level. We offer both cutting-edge solutions and have the knowledge and experience to work within whichever environment you choose.
We like to share
Can we help you with your future challenges, or do you seek inspiration that helps generating new ideas? We like to share, so feel free to contact us for a meeting.